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Made with KineticGel™, a higher quality gel than silicone

Shape works well with Greek and Egyptian shaped feet

Helps reduce shock

Helps prevent shear and stress on bones and muscles

Relieves pressure points

Antimicrobial, does not promote the growth of bacteria

Thin along top, thicker towards the toes

Feel the floor comfortably

Helps distribute weight evenly across toes

Bunion protection

Long lasting KineticGel™ resists tearing and ripping

Thinner than the Original Pointe Comfort Gel Toe Pad

Eurotard invented the KineticGel™ toe pad: Patent: DES 420.784

Recommended for experienced pointe dancers

Easy care: Hand wash with gentle soap and warm water. Use body powder as needed.

990U Eurotard Pointe Comfort Ultra Lites Toe Pads

$26.00 Regular Price
$22.10Sale Price
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