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• Made with KineticGel™, a higher quality gel than silicone

• Shape works well with Greek and Egyptian shaped feet

• Helps reduce shock

• Helps prevent shear and stress on bones and muscles

• Relieves pressure points

• Antimicrobial, does not promote the growth of bacteria

• Bunion protection

• Thin along top, thicker towards the toes

• Helps distribute weight evenly across toes

• Long lasting KineticGel™ resists tearing and ripping

• Strongest toe protection available

• Eurotard invented the KineticGel™ toe pad: Patent: DES 420.784

• Recommended for experienced pointe dancers

• Easy care: Hand wash with gentle soap and warm water. Use body powder as needed.

990 Eurotard The Original Pointe Comfort Toe Pads

$26.00 Precio
$22.10Precio de oferta
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