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JJ's Define You Dance Studio, LLC

Dress Code Requirements:

Ballet and Tap

Ballet: (Girls) S0208 Leather Split Sole

              (Girls)SD69 Full Sole Ballet Shoe

Tap: 443C and 443B Tic Tac

          CG19C and CG19 Black

Child- 4489 Black Tank

Adult 4402 Black Tank

A45 Adult Theatrical Pink w/Seams

C45 Child Theatrical Pink w/Seams

218  Adult  Theatrical Pink w/Seams

218C Girls Theatrical Pink w/Seams


Jazz EJ2 and EJ2C Slip on (Black or Tan)

Child-4489 Black Tank

Adult 4402 Black Tank

Child TB113C Turquoise Adult Turquoise

1916 Adult Suntan Transitional

1916C Child Suntan Transitional

Boys Attire:

44555 Black Jazz Pant

44100 Black Shirt


BW 297 Underwire Nude Clear Back Bra

BW287 Convertible Deep Plunge Bra

Standard Tights:

1916 Adult Suntan Transitional

1916C Child Suntan Transitional 

Additional Shoes:

Lyrical: H064 Light Suntan Piroutte

Sneaker: DSL11 Fierce

Competition items:

JB3C Soho Canvas Jazz Boot

BR005 Wire Suede Brush for Jazz Boots

Shimmer Tights:

A 55 Adult Toast

C55 Child Toast

Competition Kids Leotard:

45870C Diamond Sparkle

45881C Cap Sleeve Mesh

Competition Adult Leotard:

45870 Diamond Sparkle

45881 Adult Cap Sleeve

Saturday Class:

Child -4489 Black Tank

Adult-4402 Black Tank

Child-TB113C/Adult TB113 Turquoise Booty Short

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