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  • One single tambourine - 8", 2.3" in thickness, ideal for anyone of any age to play together. To ensure sturdiness and strength, the polyester leather surface is attached to the wooden frame with straps and metal rivets.
  • Materials: Double-row jingles are made from lightweight stainless steel that is durable and will remain shiny for a long time. Its frame is made of poplar wood, which is smooth and strong, and its leather surface is made of polyester.
  • Easy to Play: Play the tambourine by shaking it with one hand, or hold it with one hand while tapping with the other hand to make a crisp sound. A small hole is located in the frame so you can stick your finger in it.
  • Clear Sound: Poplar tambourines with 2.3 inch thickness produce a stronger vibration than thin ones. An impressive loudness and crystal-clear sound make this a great musical instrument!
  • Unique Design: The Dove is a symbol of love and peace, especially suitable for choirs and churches. Clear printing ensures that the pattern will remain lustrous and shiny for years to come.

Dance Tambourine

$13.00 Regular Price
$11.05Sale Price
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